Malakhov, who returned to the screens, made a statement after a loud scandal

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The TV presenter did not remain indifferent in the resonant situation.

Andrey Malakhov warned fans of fraud on his behalf. He shared the corresponding recording in his personal Telegram channel.

In the near future, the TV presenter will be on the screens again with his new show. However, its premiere was postponed due to changes in the broadcast network. This delay allowed the fraudsters to create a page in Odnoklassniki on behalf of Malakhov and ask fans for money for a new show. Allegedly, the celebrity team did not have enough funds to promote the project, so it can be aired only with the help of the audience.

According to Malakhov himself, he has no page in Odnoklassniki, and all such proposals are just intrigues of fraudsters. The showman suggested leaving complaints to the administration of social networks and working together to stop the attackers.

“If you see something like this, complain about the account!” The TV presenter asks.

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