Malakhov was stunned by the recognition of the future on TV

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The showman has no plans to change anything in his business.

Andrei Malakhov has built a successful career as a TV presenter and does not hide that he loves his job. He first appeared on television in 1992 and notes that he would not have spent so many years doing things he did not like. In addition, Andrei admits that he is unlikely to change his television image in the future and start making documentaries or conquering social networks.

In a recent interview, Malakhov compared himself to Sergei Lazarev, who decided to sing in English to attract the attention of Western audiences. However, according to the showman, the bulk of the artist’s fans are in Russia, which means that it is from them that he “gets fame and money.”

“We are all hostages to our image, to what the audience expects from us,” Malakhov said in an interview with a portal correspondent. E1. Andrei also clarified that many viewers treat him as a constant, because while they are growing up and starting families, he is still in the media. “Malakhov has already become a part of life,” the TV presenter concluded.

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