Malakhov was kicked out of the TV immediately after the start of the project

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Not everyone liked the format of the show and the host himself.

Contrary to rumors that “Live” was decided to be removed from television together with Andrei Malakhov, there was information about the next return of the host to the air. This time he will lead “Songs with all his heart”. Lena Miro was not pleased with this news.

She believes that Malakhov is already too much on the air. The critic blogger suggested that the presenter retire. Like, did he not have time to earn in old age? At the same time, she criticized the program. Weak, though.

“Are you short of DNA tests on weekdays and some weekend get-togethers with” Hello Malakhov “? Here’s more, get it and sign up. For almost two hours, Grandpa Andrei is going to talk to the guests, and they are going to sing and dance. Andrei, when will you say “goodbye”? Haven’t you earned anything in your old age? ” – commented on Malakhov’s return Lena Miro.

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