Malakhov revealed the truth about “Eurovision”

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The TV presenter explained the reason for Valeria’s defeat.

Why in 2009 Anastasia Prikhodko left Russia, not Valeria.

In the qualifying competition for the right to represent Russia in 2009, the first place was taken by Anastasia Prikhodko, with the result – 25%, and in second place was Valeria – 14%. The young performer was also preferred by most of the jury members.

Only years later, Andrei Malakhov decided to reveal the true reason for the victory of the little-known singer.

“Singer Valeria slept with Prigogine that year, and Anastasia Prikhodko knew who to share a bed with. And that’s why I went, “the showman confidently stated on the channel SHE CHU. EuroVision

It is obvious that the presenter clearly hinted at Konstantin Meladze, because he was the one who actively helped Anastasia. Andrei Malakhov, who has known the inside of show business for many years, decided to go all the way and added it to his broadcast partner.

“You all think that Eurovision is a fairy tale. You need to sleep with the right people. That you were lobbied for, that you passed the national selection, ”Malakhov summed up the real result.

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