Makeeva is proud of her stepson’s success

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Andrei Malkov passed a test in physics.

Anastasia Makeeva. Photo: social networks

After the divorce of Roman and Svetlana Malkov, their eldest son Andrei decided to live with his father and his new wife Anastasia Makeeva. The young man moved from Slovenia to Moscow. Last year he went to college to study design. And the day before he passed the test in physics, gaining a large number of points.

Anastasia Makeeva with her husband and stepson
Anastasia Makeeva with her husband and stepson. Photo:

Anastasia Makeeva was so pleased with the news that she wrote about it in her telegram channel.

Andryukha is smart! Passed the physics test today. Out of 100 points passed on 96. We are proud! ” – Makeeva wrote.

Let’s remind, previously 17-year-old Andrew said he did not communicate with his mother. Meanwhile, Svetlana Malkova and her three children moved overseas. The Internet suspects that she fell into a sect in the United States.

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