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Makarevich’s wife says about her son: “I’m afraid he will suffocate, choke”

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Historian Einat Klein is 30 years younger than Makarevich, but that hasn’t stopped them from falling in love with each other. The 68-year-old artist openly shared that he admired his wife and his feelings were mutual.

So, the couple was looking forward to the moment when they will have a child together. Although the couple hid the soon-to-be addition to their family, they are now ready to talk about their son.

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As it turned out, along with the happiness of motherhood, Einat had frightening feelings. “And they named him Eitan, Andrew’s son, in Israel,” Klein wrote in a personal blog post. “Suddenly new fears arose: that he would not suffocate, choke, or wake up inadvertently.”

Subscribers of the star’s wife hurried to calm her down, saying that this is a completely normal feeling, almost all parents face this. And, in addition, congratulated the young mother on the birth of a son.

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“Hugs! May he grow up happy and healthy! ”; “Congratulations to my young father! And my mother has a lot of strength for the upcoming long life “; “Eitan, you’re lucky in everything, being born to such wonderful people is worth a lot!” Be happy, baby, ”followers write.

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