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Helavisa, the vocalist of the “Mill” group, collected vivid statements.

Inspiration can work in any way, I can literally “get” a song out of my back pocket.

To have fun and a little scary, you need to leave room for some nonsense, but not self-destructive.

I don’t like to show off out of business. Probably, I like about the same as me – sad bores-misanthropes who know how to impress brilliant extroverts.

I like to think that my recurring image of a dragon is like the signature of Lucas Cranach the Elder, the golden dragon in the lower corner of the picture, or like Bach’s signature. Trademark, if you will.

All this outer tinsel – whether dragons or dreadnoughts – it’s all tricks, it’s a form. Here’s the problem: people often don’t separate form from content.

I follow the rules of Baron Munchausen: a feat is planned for nine in the morning.

As a pragmatic virgin, I never dream of anything. I only make plans.

Music “Mills” as a shift of dopamine receptors. We have songs that work like mantras: they include multifaceted effects on the body through sound, movement, breathing. The person begins to move according to the rhythm laid down in the song, and thus harmonizes.

Men are always overcoming destiny, conquests and feats, women are magic and destiny itself.

Each song has its own little world and its own door to it. The main thing for me is not to confuse these doors, like suitcases in “Fantastic Creatures”.

Any artist is a vampire in principle, but a generous vampire who wholeheartedly shares what he has inside. It is either there or not. The feeling of a scene is when you completely “eat” that scene.

I’m like a cat: I have nine lives, and I’m living them slowly.

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