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Mads Mikkelsen is better than Johnny Depp – critics appreciate the replacement in the cast of “Fantastic Creatures 3”

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Source: Warner Bros.

Edition Variety analyzed the reviews of professional critics who managed to get acquainted with the April premiere “Fantastic Creatures: Mysteries of Dumbledore”and relying on the bright thoughts expressed in the reviews, made one important conclusion.

Although professional reviewers are not thrilled with the triquel, almost all of them, as it turned out, are unanimous about the loud casting decision made by the studio Warner Bros. due to litigation between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Due to the Depp scandal, he was removed from the role of the dark wizard Gellert Green de Wald and transferred to Mads Mikkelsen. And this decision is widely welcomed by critics.

It is written that the actor fit into the role so organically that it is very easy to forget that this character was once played by Depp, and the acting of a charismatic Dane is much more subtle, nuanced and deep. He embodies a real antagonist, a dangerous and powerful manipulator, the reality of which is very easy to believe.

Like, forget Johnny Depp. According to those who looked at the picture, Mikkelsen should have been cast as Green de Wald at once. That’s how well he handled her. But, apparently, it is not good enough to drag the whole production on its back, because now “Dumbledore’s Mysteries” has a moderate level of approval for Rotten Tomatoes – 62% based on 45 professional reviews.

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