Mads Mikkelsen criticized Stanislavsky’s method

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Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (“One more”) spoke about his negative attitude towards the Stanislavsky system, which involves the full use of the actor in his role. According to Mikkelsen, it looks “pretentious.”

In an interview with the British GQ, the actor did not hesitate to express:

“It’s complete crap. And what if the film itself is awful? What will you achieve? Do I need to admire the fact that you did not go out of style? You had to leave him behind before the start of filming. And how will you play a serial killer? Will you look for victims for two years? ”

Mikkelsen was also asked if he would be willing to play with Daniel Day-Lewis, one of Stanislavsky’s main supporters.

“He is a great actor. But this has nothing to do with the method. The media is constantly saying: oh God, he is so serious about this, so he plays fantastically, let’s give him a reward. ” That’s what everyone says, and everyone knows about it, hence the conversations, “Mads said.

In April, the third part of “Fantastic Creatures”, “Dumbledore’s Secrets” will be released worldwide. Mickelsen played Green de Wald’s main villain in the film, replacing Johnny Depp, who previously played him. In Russia, the film will not appear in cinemas – due to the suspension of the studio Warner Bros. in the country.

Source: British GQ

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