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Lyubov Uspenskaya’s daughter became unrecognizable after plastic surgery

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Lyubov Uspenskaya’s daughter became her copy.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network

The queen of chanson has finally found family happiness: after many years of conflicts and problems with her daughter Tatiana Plaksina, peace has reigned in the artist’s house. After a break of a few months, photos of Lyubov Uspenskaya appeared on social networks embracing the heiress, and it did not escape the attention of attentive fans how Tanya had changed.

The 32-year-old daughter of the star became literally her copy: plump lips, wide eyebrows, a thin nose and a sharpened oval face. Fans are sure that without a visit to a beautician and a plastic surgeon. Moreover, Uspenskaya herself admitted that she had found the best specialists for Tanya.

“You will all soon see Tanechka beautiful and healthy,” the chanson queen announced a few months ago. “The way I’ve wanted to see her my whole life.” Tanya underwent several serious surgeries.

Tatiana Plaksina got better after plastic surgery.

Tatiana Plaksina got better after plastic surgery.

Photo: Personal page of the hero of the publication on the social network

Meanwhile, medical care in the case of Plaksina is not just a tribute to beauty. Four years ago, the girl had an accident while riding a bicycle. The face suffered the most: Plaksina’s jaw was broken and her front teeth were knocked out. Apparently, there were other problems that the family did not talk about: before the singer’s daughter became healthy and good again, she had to undergo several surgeries in Russia and Europe.

Now, with a new look, Tatiana is finally ready to pursue a career: Uspenskaya’s daughter sang – she promises to present the premiere one of these days.

– Tanya has returned from Europe, full of energy and creative plans, – told concert director Uspenskaya Alexander. – I would not say that she is going to conquer show business: Thane is not interested in singing fashion hits that will appeal to everyone. While she is looking for herself, and most importantly, she likes it, and her mother is happy.

By the way, as the assistant assured, the queen of chanson even now has a tight concert schedule. Apparently, Tatiana Plaksina’s debut will take place at one of the performances of the famous mother.

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