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The movie star appeared in the photo in an unexpected way. Tolkalin’s love turned to the Russians.

Secular lioness Lyubov Tolkalina likes to intrigue the audience with unusual content. She maintains a telegram channel, which shows the external virtues and spicy parts of the body. Fans usually admire the star, but this time it went wrong. The star dipped her face in brown liquid and appeared in front of a mirror in a white T-shirt with a shaggy tuft on her head.

“I’m getting married today. For Bach. I’m very worried, I don’t know what to put on myself,” added such a strange postscript to Lyubov Tolkalina. unpresentable picture.

The people were stunned by the dubious publication of the actress. Some decided that the star was a little out of place. However, we can assume that the star was going to listen to the music of a German composer, and called marriage a trip to a concert. While Love Tolkalina continues to hide the intrigue.


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