Loza replaced Serdyuchka and Barski

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The singer of the hit “Plot” said everything he thought about their harsh statements.

Singer Max Barskikh recently banned Russians from listening to their songs. Yuri Loza did not like this behavior of the celebrity.

The Soviet poet-songwriter compared the statement of the author of the popular track “Fogs” with the ban on Americans eating pelmeni and drinking vodka. Loza considers such antics nonsense.

“I don’t know a single song by Max Barsky. If he forbade me to listen to them, that’s probably a good thing. I see this as a very positive measure for my brains, “Loza said.

The musician also spoke about Verka Serdyuchka’s promise to change the words in her famous composition to “Rasha, goodbye”. Andrei Danilko has not given concerts in Russia for a long time, preferring to perform for the euro in Dubai.

“Well, now I will not sleep at all. I will not sleep for 8 years. Another retired goat drummer. Let him sing what he wants, ”Loza replied ironically in a conversation with “AIF”.

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