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The century of “Spartacus” has been debated and will be debated. They will continue to scold the players for their defeats and will glorify them for the gold they have been waiting for for 16 years. The football club has been of genuine interest for all the years of its existence. Well-known Spartak players Nikita Simonyan, Evgeny Lovchev, Igor Shalimov and others told the whole truth about Spartak to sports journalist Artem Lokalov. Thus was born the book “Spartacus”. 100 years. History of the club “. The presentation took place on April 25 at the Russia Today news agency.

– These are honest stories that the legends of “Spartacus” told for my book. It is said that the history of the country is in the stories of the people. The same can be said about the stories of the Spartacists. The history of the club is their history. Their words, their destinies. This format became the basis for my book, – said the author of the book Artem Lokalov.

The heroes of the book “Spartacus” came to the presentation. 100 years. Stories of the club “, who told about the spirit of Spartak and how they met the journalist Artem Lokalov.

– In our time, people came to Spartak who felt the spirit of Spartak, – said the red and white football player Anzor Kavazashvili (1969-1971). – Now foreigners come who do not understand the Spartak spirit, they do not know the Russian spirit, they work for money. And there are journalists who can turn the information upside down. You read and understand, for such information they could shoot. I remember the times when we came to Komsomolskaya Pravda on the radio and there we could tell the whole truth, that’s how I know Artem Lokalov, he always modestly and accurately conveyed my words, so I agreed to give him an interview for a book about Spartak ».

– “Spartak” is something sacred for us, despite some failures, – said Eugene Lovchev, a football player of the club (1969-1978). – And we met Artem Lokalov when he worked in “Soviet Sport”, I remember the creation of the column “Lovchev’s Diaries”. But even now we make true texts and stories together. This is what the younger generation needs.

Artem Lokalov wrote an interesting book about “Spartacus”. Photo: Alisa Titko

What are the Spartak players talking about?

The book contains monologues of Spartak football players – from the legend Nikita Simonyan to Artem Rebrov, who is still a member of the club’s coaching staff. All of them not only remember the past years, but also answer current questions.

– I will not celebrate the centenary of Spartak, because for me the date of the club’s founding is April 19, 1935. It was then that the Spartak Society was established. He worked so much with the Starostins – and never heard from them about April 18, 1922, – said Nikita Simonyan, football player and coach of “Spartak” (1949-1972).

– Footballers have always been spoiled. And now, and in my time, too. Then everyone was from the machine or from the collective farms, from working families, in general. And it turned out that if you play football, you are fully provided. At such a moment you lose the ground under your feet, your nose rises. I went abroad – you buy clothes that no one in the Soviet Union has. They look at you with envy. You feel irreplaceable, – said Anzor Kavazashvili, a football player of “Spartak” (1969-1971).

The book “Spartacus”. 100 years. History of the club “about all the main events in the history of the club and the country from 1922 to 2022 – in the main words. There are many facts in it, why Spartak is a popular club, despite the instability? You can also find the answers of the club’s founder Nikolai Starostin to the questions of the questionnaire in 1982.

– These are ten stories of Spartak players of different generations. And between them – the main events in the history of the country and the club for ten decades. These are not only records and series of football players, but also, for example, the Spartak tank, which fought in the Great Patriotic War, Moskvich cars, which Spartak received in 1947 for winning the USSR Cup, Maradona’s fur coat, in which he walked before the game with “Spartak” in Moscow in 1990, – said Artem Lokalov.

The book of Spartacus.  100 years of club history
The book “Spartacus”. 100 years. Stories of the club “will be a great gift for fans for the anniversary of the club. photo: Alisa Titko

What will happen to Spartak now?

This is the final chapter of the book “Spartacus”. 100 years. History of the club “. And fans can even guess that here and again the most popular question to the owner of the club arises: “When will you sell Spartak?” Artem Lokalov tells what the sums are and who is ready to buy the club, as well as why “Spartak” is a series or reality show.

– The current leadership and players need to be closer to the veterans of “Spartak”, no one wants to harm the club, they only want victories. It seems to me that by the 100th anniversary of the club it was necessary to gather all the veterans, because we used to gather before the pandemic. Such meetings are necessary, – said Eduard Moore, a football player of “Spartak” (1998-2000) and the hero of the new book.

By the centenary, “Spartak” came on the tenth line in the RPL. And so it was fifty years ago – occupied 11th place in the championship. Ups and downs, good luck and losses, but “Spartacus” is always in the spotlight.

– But “Spartak” in 1936 played football on Red Square in Moscow. How to return the same opportunity?

– For the team to play on Red Square, we need a political decision that will demonstrate that Spartak is a national team. But we know this for sure without any evidence, there is always fan love and with any result, – answered the question Eugene Lovchev.

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