Looking for options? Barskikh talked about returning to Russia

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The director of the singer had previously made it clear that Max was allegedly ready to come for the “right people”.

A conversation with Max Barsky’s representative, which surfaced in the press, makes it clear that the singer does not mind performing for Russian customers if the payment is in dollars.

The singer has not commented on the confession of his director for the last few days, but now he has decided to put an end to this difficult issue.

Barskikh not only insulted those who wrote about his arrival in the country, but also made it clear that the existing options for his arrival in Russia simply did not suit him. It will not be possible to get there by plane, and it seems that Max is not ready for another transport yet.

“They don’t know what to think of anymore, morons. First, nothing flies to you, and second, you have no dollars. At least think before you write bullshit, ”Max Barskikh was quoted as saying StarHite.

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