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The Lomonosov Plan band will soon delight fans with a new release! The team has announced the release date of a new live album! The record was named “Ten”.

Guys, we are glad to inform you that on April 29 our new concert album “Ten” will be released, dedicated to the band’s tenth anniversary. The album includes 10 songs played live in Moscow and St. Petersburg, from the latest album “Lomonosov’s Plan”.

Formerly the Lomonosov Plan added anarchy to the song “Clone” SLOT group.

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The Lomonosov Plan group shared concert video for the song “Cult Hike”:

Back in 2013, we released the album “Plan of Lomonosov II” with the song “Kultpohod”. Since then, the lines – “Everything went in the ass, today is a concert!” quoted before going to any concert – it’s nice.

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