Lolita named the culprits in the huge spending

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For the sake of quality records, the artist is ready to go to great lengths.

Лолита Милявская revealed the details of investing in their own work. The celebrity was revealed in a personal Telegram channel.

As the singer admitted, the release of any song costs a lot of money. First of all, she has to buy the song itself, which can cost up to 10 thousand dollars. After that, she needs to go to a recording studio, and her rent costs from 2 thousand dollars. In general, the cost of the studio depends on the company itself, the experience of the arranger and the invited musicians. According to the artist, at each stage of preparation for the future hit she has to pay big bills, because the listeners themselves will not appreciate the low quality of the song.

“The more you earn, the more you invest. Because the viewer has more and more complaints about the quality of your music. That’s why you try to grow, ”says Milyavskaya.

After the recording, the singer is already starting to promote the song and in this matter also tries to turn only to the best professionals. As the singer noted, she does not intend to disappoint her fans, so she agrees to work only with professionals, and this requires a lot of money.

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