Lives in a villa in Jurmala and raises dogs: what does Laima Vaikule look like today and what does she do

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She suffered a severe lockdown

In the show “Evening Urgant” Laima Vaikule admitted that the lockdown period was very difficult for her. According to the singer, she had a severe depression, due to which she recovered by 10 kg. Due to the sharp change in the usual way of life, the celebrity, in her opinion, understood the retirees.

However, Vaikule took matters into her own hands and was able to survive the stress. She often went for walks, rode a bicycle. According to the singer in the interview, she was not sitting in four walls, but the history of the pandemic knocked her out of the usual rut. See photos of the artist for the last three years in the gallery:

Lives in Jurmala and is not going to move

The singer lives in Jurmala together with her civil husband Andrei Latkovsky. There, the celebrity owns a two-story mansion located on the beach. The singer has repeatedly said that this is the best place she can be.

The singer arranged the 400-square-meter villa to her liking. Photos of the house on the link. The hostess thought through the interior to the smallest detail, while preferring the laconic black and white range.

Landscape designers designed the homestead. The singer’s house has a swimming pool, sauna, exercise machines and, of course, a bathroom. In the garden there is a pond with fish and decorative sculptures in the form of cats.

Takes care of dogs

For a long time now, Laima Vaikule has been happy in her relationship with Andrei Latkovsky. However, the celebrity has no children. In her youth, the singer had two abortions: then it seemed to her that they would still have time to have a child in the future. However, in the 1990s, Laima Vaikule was diagnosed with cancer.

She managed to overcome the disease, however, cancer and abortion in her youth led to the fact that the celebrity lost the opportunity to become a mother. In 2010, she decided to have IVF, but the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage.

In an interview with various publications, the singer told that she was thinking about adopting a baby, however, her chaplain did not approve of the decision. As an Orthodox man, Vaikule obeyed the priest.

Now Laima Vaikule pays a lot of attention to her pets – dogs. She even sent them to a special school so that they could learn important commands. She also gives care and attention to her niece Anyuta, her sister’s daughter.

What do stars earn today:

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