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Litvinova revealed the truth about life abroad

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The French capital was not friendly to the actress.

Renata Litvinova admitted to the difficulties that accompanied her during her life in Paris. As it turned out, the celebrity could barely find a suitable apartment.

According to the star of the film “I’m not in pain”, a few years ago her daughter Ulyana began studying in France, which is why Litvinova planned to rent a house there. The actress wanted to meet her daughter as often as possible and be able to come to her at any time, but, as it turned out, finding a suitable apartment is quite difficult. The fact is that Parisian landlords did not plan to work with an actress from Russia, who has no permanent income. As a result, the celebrity spent a lot of time in vain searches and has already begun to give up.

“It simply came to our notice then. Why do they have such difficulties? I was already disappointed in everything, ”the artist admitted in an interview with the publication Tatler.

However, Litvinova was lucky: after a while she bought a two-level apartment near the Arc de Triomphe, where she now lives with her heiress. However, during the purchase she still had to pass a special interview with the former homeowner and practically persuade him to sell the property.

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