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Telia TV, a smart TV company, is refusing to retransmit 25 Russian channels in Lithuania. The contract for the retransmission of these channels expires on April 30 and will not be renegotiated due to non-compliance with the transparency standards imposed on Telia’s business customers. He writes about this Interfax.

“If there is even the slightest doubt about the transparency of Telia’s procurement, we are responsible for meeting the highest business standards. That’s why we decided not to buy new retransmission rights, “said Telia spokesman Audrus Stasulaitis.

According to the news agency, from April 30 Telia TV will not rebroadcast the following channels in Lithuania: “First Baltic”, REN TV, “Baber TV”, Boks TV Plus, “Cinema House”, “Cinema House Premium HD”, “Carousel”. “Kitchen TV HD”, “Film Comedy HD”, “Film Series HD”, KVN TV, Kinomiks HD, M-1 Global HD, “Music of the First”, “Our New Cinema HD”, “NTV World Lithuania”, NTV World Lithuania, NTV Serial, “NTV Style” “,” NTV Law “,” Indian Cinema “,” Let’s go “,” Native Cinema “,” Telecafe “,” Time is far and near “.

At the same time, the company will continue to retransmit 58 channels in Russian.

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