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Everything is fleeting: the fashion for something changes regularly, but still something remains the same. A similar situation is happening in the literary sphere, there are new books that are now at the peak of popularity, but very soon everyone will forget about them, and there is a “classic” that is read and will be read around the world. We have prepared a short list of books that are really worth spending your time on.

“The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

It is she who ranks first in our top books to read, after all, according to research, is the most translated book in Europe. Despite the fact that the work belongs to children’s literature, it is worth reading for every adult. The protagonist travels the universe, trying to find answers to their questions and communicates with strange adults. The book teaches us to be merciful, to respect what is dear to us and to always remain human.

“Master and Margarita” Mikhail Bulgakov

Classics of Russian literature of the 20th century. This work was taught by many at school, but at a young age it is difficult to understand its deep meaning. The novel is worth reading at a conscious age, because it is really very amazing and mysterious, and is also a business card of Mikhail Bulgakov. Love, sorrow, secrets, magic – these are just a small part of what is in this book.

“Harry Potter” Joan Rowling

A series of books that both adults and children have heard about. Many people have read or watched the film, because the story of Harry’s boy is fascinating and does not allow to remain indifferent. This is an example of what books are worth reading even at a young age, because it is this work that can arouse genuine interest in reading and develop imagination.

“War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy

Also one of the most famous novels of Russian literature of the last century, not everyone read it, but absolutely everyone heard about it. The author describes the war of 1812 and the postwar period, simultaneously revealing the theme of secular and provincial life in St. Petersburg and Moscow. The fates of the heroes of the novel constantly collide with each other, provoking various situations and incidents that lead to both happy and tragic consequences.

“1984” George Orwell

An anti-utopian novel describing a society of totalitarian imprisonment. The work shows how easy it is to control people, because living in ignorance, they do not understand that it is possible in another way and consider everything happening around the norm. The topics raised by the author will undoubtedly make you think about many things, slightly adjust your views on life and the world.

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