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Anna Netrebko, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday with her soprano, fascinates millions of people around the world. Not to mention that every performance of the opera diva fascinates with temperament and sensuality, passion and thirst for life.

The bar that the superstar constantly has to hold is extremely high. And how she manages to find a balance between family and the stage, personal and professional life, the outstanding singer demonstrates in the book “Taste of my life”, published by the Viennese publishing house Molden and became Netrebko’s literary debut.

When the path to the heart lies through the stomach

The path she has chosen for this is ingeniously simple, and it lies through her stomach. “The Taste of My Life” is a book of author’s recipes shared by the world’s best soprano. Each of the recipes is a short story that brings the reader closer to the artist not so much as a star, but as a cheerful and easy-going person, a charming woman, a loving mother and wife.

Anna Netrebko’s new book

“Well, dear friends, happiness has come! The book is out. So far – in German. But very soon it will be translated into Russian. There are many recipes, photos. I hope you like it,” – said the singer to her subscribers and showed. them a colorfully decorated book in a video posted to her Instagram account.

Anna Netrebko does not hide that she loves delicious food and never goes on diets. “Gathering together at a lavishly set table means exchanging good positive energy. Although I love to eat in the first place,” the singer admits.

According to Netrebko, cooking for her is a highly creative process. She likes to surprise guests and family, loves the variety on the menu and is happy to find something for herself in the national cuisines of different countries, but always adds her own notes to the recipes borrowed from them.

The holiday will have to be postponed

Anna Netrebko’s new book will have to be postponed. She is forced to cancel a number of her speeches. On social media, the prima said that she has been suffering from unbearable pain in her right shoulder for many months, and that the doctor advised her to have an urgent operation, and then – to undergo a full course of physical rehabilitation.

The singer apologized to fans who hoped to meet her, and expressed hope that she will soon be able to return to active creative work. With her optimism and relentless temper, there is no doubt about it.

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