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Albina Janabayeva turns 43 on April 9. Today, she is considered one of the most desirable women in the country and boasts both a successful career and a strong family. Alas, on the difficult path to success and happiness, the singer had to not only overcome difficulties, but also keep secrets.

Albina Janabaeva was born in 1979 and grew up in a large family. As Albina was the eldest child, she had to look after her younger sister and brother, as well as help her mother around the house. Despite the large number of responsibilities, the girl had time for what she loved most – music lessons.

As a child, Janabaeva sang in the choir, and at the age of 12 she joined an ensemble with high school students. Albina was the only girl in the team, in addition, much younger than the others, but still was able to find common ground with the boys. The future star believed that she could make her way to the professional stage, and left for Moscow immediately after graduating from school. It’s hard to even imagine how happy the girl was when she received a positive response from Gnesinka.

The student days were not easy, but Albina studied hard and tried to earn extra money as a singer. Immediately after graduating, the girl’s work was rewarded – she was invited to work in a Korean theater. Janabayeva left for a completely foreign country to play a musical and sing in Korean, and she had no idea that her life would change dramatically very soon.

By a happy coincidence, Valery Meladze joined the young Gnesinka graduate. The artist was looking for a backing vocalist for his band and saw a suitable candidate in Albina. As quickly as she left for Korea, the singer went on tour with Meladze and passed the test with a grueling schedule. Nobody doubted further cooperation.

A few years later, in 2004, Albina gave birth to a son. At that moment, her personal life was kept secret. The young mother spent only a few months in maternity leave, and then returned to work, but in a new capacity. The singer joined the group “VIA Gra” at the invitation of Konstantin Meladze. No one even suspected that she was already in a relationship with his brother at the time.

A few years later, a scandal erupted around this story. Former soloists of the band gave unflattering interviews about the singer and said that the father of her child is Valery Meladze. The married artist later publicly confirmed this information. In 2014, he officially divorced his wife, and soon Janabaeva gave him another son. According to rumors, before that the lovers managed to get married secretly.

Now the couple is raising three children – in 2021 they had a daughter, Agatha. Since “VIA Gra” broke up, Albina has been pursuing a solo career and regularly delights fans of her work with new products.


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