Levan Todua columnist reveals Ice Age jury fees

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19:32, 22.04.2022

The journalist said that the amount depends on the level and title of the artist.

Project “Ice Age” has been broadcast on Channel One since 2007. The show is one of the highest rated on Russian television. It is attended by star couples, and each performance of celebrities is evaluated by members of the jury. The numbers are given to the contestants by the producer of the program Ilya Averbukh. According to a secular columnist, the famous guests earn well on the project.

Levan Todua stated that he had insider information about the fees of jury members and athletes. As it turned out, the First Channel will not skimp on salaries. “I have insider information that the jury members receive fees for each day of filming. No one will sit in an uncomfortable chair for free. Bets start from 500 thousand rubles and above, depending on the level of the artist and title, “- said the expert in an interview with the portal BLITZ +. Levan added that skaters also work for a lot of money.

Ilya Averbukh

Earlier it was reported that the new season of “Ice Age” will not be shown on television. Due to the busy schedule, Ilya Averbukh can’t devote much time to the show. Currently, the athlete combines the work of a choreographer and a coach. As the skater explained, the team is preparing for the new season, negotiating with the stars, but the final decision is made by the management of Channel One. “It has always been accepted in the summer: now we will hold all the events, the May holidays will take place, we will go to Konstantin Lvovich, and we will understand everything. Now nothing is stopped, nothing is suspended, I do not have such powers, “Averbukh explained. Producer of the show called do not believe the rumors about the cessation of filming the show. Ilya assured that journalists asking him about the continuation of the project misinterpreted his words.

The athlete noted that this year he receives even more applications from potential participants of the upcoming season, in particular from skaters who have finished or are ending their careers. According to Averbukh, he is looking forward to the release of the program. As the coach clarified, the “Ice Age” usually comes out in September-October.

Tatiana Tarasova on the set of the show “Ice Age”

Tatiana Tarasova, a permanent member of the show’s jury, could not pass by the information about the cessation of filming. The Honored Coach of the USSR asked not to turn this news into a tragedy. Tatiana Anatolyevna did not see anything wrong with the fact that the new season will not be shown on TV. The Master of Sports stressed that people used to live peacefully without the “Ice Age”. Speaking about Averbukh’s employment, Tarasova said that the figure skater could not break into pieces between his projects and succeed everywhere. “We will definitely wait for him!” She summed up.

Recall Season 11 The project ended in victory for the couple Tatiana VolosozharFedor Fedotov. Final passed January 8. However, Tatiana was unable to attend due to health problems.

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