“Let the professionals do the work, not spoil the air on the couch”: Brekte received a mural award (video)

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The artist received the award in the “Surprise” nomination for scandalous mural “Dedication to Gemma Skulma”.

In his speech of thanks, he encourages people to be brave. “Let artists, judges, doctors, poets do their job, not fart on the couch,” said the artist.

What Brecte said did not go unnoticed by social media users, who widely discussed his statement on Twitter.

“If such a speech of thanks can be given by a person with a HIGHER EDUCATION, head of the department of painting and associate professor, then why should we be surprised by the rest, voting in the election, everything that happens to us?” – rhetorically asks one of the commentators.

“What a ‘brave’ sofa fart!” Finally, the cultural scene of the year #LTV was given real respect! ”, Writes the poetess Liana Lang Boksha in her comment.

“Someone may not like his work. But he said everything very directly, in the forehead. As long as people like him are creating and will continue to create, commentators on Twitter will continue to fart and shout about some kind of revolution, ”said another commentator.

“They don’t argue about tastes – he either has them or they don’t. There are no questions about Bract, everyone has abilities, and the question is about those who give out such” prizes “- wrote another.

It should be noted that the jury of the Kilogram of Culture 2021 award includes professionals in the field of culture LTV, LR and LSM – Ieva Rosentale, head of cultural programs LTV, journalists Lilita Eglite, Eva Johansone, Daira Abolina and Henrietta Verkhustinska, director of LR3 program “Classics” Gunda Vaivode, journalists Orest Silabriedis, Liene Yakovleva and LR1 journalist Toms Treybergs, as well as LSM culture section editor Laila Burane.

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