Lera Kudryavtseva dressed her daughter in a pea skirt and a creamy cardigan

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The TV presenter together with her husband Igor Makarov brought the heiress to the production of Yuri Kuklachev.

Lera Kudryavtseva. Photo:

Lera Kudryavtseva has been working on television for many years. She does not hide that filming sometimes takes a lot of her time. But Lera manages to spend time with family. I recently visited her grandson Lev.

The little guest celebrated at her house on March 8. But after work, the TV presenter likes to play with her daughter Maria, who is three years old. The baby requires a lot of attention, but the star is also helped by her husband Igor Makarov.

It is noteworthy that Lera admitted in an interview that she is a housewife. It is rarely seen at events. But this time she and her husband decided to bring the heiress to the Kuklachev Theater.

His performances with cats are unique. The TV presenter dressed her daughter for such an occasion. Maria appeared in a scarlet mini-skirt in peas and a creamy cardigan. Her image was complemented by two bows.

“Today we went with Mashula to the Kuklachev Theater,” the star shared.

Maria Makarova. Photo:

The baby was given aqua makeup. She saw the tricks that Yuri Kuklachev’s pets can do. The baby was delighted. But Dad was already taking them home. Makarov, driving an expensive car, drove them to the village where they live. At the same time, his daughter called him from the back seat.

“Dad is behind the wheel,” Lera said.

Fans admired the friendly family. Maria received a lot of compliments. “How pretty”, “Your doll grows”, “Well, just lovely”, “Very bright girl”, “How cute! She is just incredible “,” Mashka, this is an outfit “, – began to write users of the Web.

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