Leps, who had fled to the United States, returned for profit

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The musician will perform at Crocus City Hall

Grigory Leps, who posted photos from tropical countries on Instagram a few days ago, decided to return to Russia. Tomorrow, March 8, the artist together with Stas Mikhailov and Emin Agalarov will give a concert in Moscow. The musicians will sing their most lyrical songs to create a romantic holiday atmosphere for women.

“There are especially many songs about love in the works of Grigory Leps, Stas Mikhailov and Emin. This means that they will easily be able to create an atmosphere of warmth, tenderness and romance in the hall, ”the organizers of the concert advertised.

It is already known that the artists will perform solo programs and duets. Attendees will be able to enjoy new songs and already loved hits, including performing new but already popular songs.

But fans of Leps will not envy – the famous presenter laughed sharply a fan of the singer.


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