Leps howled at his daughter’s musical failure

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The star heiress could not conquer the domestic show business.

A few years ago, musician Grigory Leps fulfilled the dream of his eldest daughter Eva and helped her create her own pop group, which was named Cosmos Girls. The first single of the band “Music” and the video for it were liked by the users of the Web, but we didn’t have to talk about the deafening success.

Her father’s name did not help Eva conquer Russian show business. The celebrity admitted that she enjoys singing and her work, but the band clearly did not add fans. Curiously, Leps did not deny that his heiress was out of business. He recently gave an interview in which he howled at his daughter’s musical failure.

“I do not see or hear a special breakthrough yet. Let’s see what happens next. We are working “, – the performer summed up in the new issue of the YouTube channelMUSE PRO-News».

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