Leps, Emin and Gordon are betrothed: Julia Baranovskaya’s personal happiness

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Alexander Gordon’s co-host in the “Male / Female” program on Channel One is raising three children alone.

Julia Baranovskaya. Photo:

In his 36 years Julia Baranovskaya managed to become a mother three times. The TV presenter was left alone with her children while pregnant with her youngest son. When Arseny was born, his father, football player Andrei Arshavin, left the family for the sake of his new lover Alice Kazmina, who gave him a daughter, Yesenia.

Yulia never reached the registry office with the athlete. Later in one of her interviews, Baranovskaya admitted that she was always distracted by something from the wedding: she was pregnant, she was babysitting with children.

The TV presenter could not even imagine that her husband would leave her alone. With Arshavin’s departure, his ex-girlfriend was faced with the fact that she needed to support the children herself. Any other such circumstances could break. But not Julia. She managed to become a TV presenter. Arshavin seemed to have forgotten about his children, he did not even communicate with them. Only recently, the footballer began to see his offspring. Immediately there were rumors that Baranovskaya was ready to take her ex-husband back. To which the TV presenter answered very clearly: Andrei can communicate with children, but their relationship will not change.

Julia Baranovskaya was such a gentle beauty in her youth. At that time, the TV presenter already had three children. The youngest, Arseny, is being held by a mother with many children. And next to her daughter Yana and son Artem.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya with her sons Artem and Arseny and daughter Yana
Left alone with three children, Julia Baranovskaya managed to build a career on TV. Photo:

In recent years, not only Julia has changed, but also her children – she has grown up. The eldest, Artem, was mature and strong. The boy is very similar to his father. Baranovskaya also got prettier, she managed to keep both her youthful appearance and slenderness. Her style is distinguished by gloss, glamor and elegance.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya with her sons Artem and Arseny and daughter Yana
Yulia Baranovskaya’s eldest son Artem is almost a head taller than his mother. Photo:

Every now and then turbulent romances with the most enviable bachelors are attributed to Yulia Baranovskaya: after Emin broke up with his model wife Alena Gavrilova, a version immediately appeared in the press that the singer was allegedly not indifferent to the TV presenter. The ex-girlfriend of the football player was also courted by Grigory Leps, as well as Alexander Gordon, with whom she hosts the “Male / Female” program on Channel One. Julia Baranovskaya herself is just laughing at rumors of an imminent marriage. The main thing for the TV presenter is not her personal happiness, otherwise she would have married a long time ago, but the well-being of her children.

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