Leonid Yuzefovich received the Big Book Award for his novel Philellin

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Writer Leonid Yuzefovich received the main prize of the literary prize “Big Book” for the novel “Phyllin”, the monetary reward for the first place is 3 million rubles. About this reported on the award website.

Speaking at an award ceremony at the Pashkov House in Moscow, Yuzefovich promised to donate part of the prize to the conservation of the Yakut village of Sasyl-Sysy, where an 18-day battle between Red Commander Yakov Strod and White General Anatoly Pepelyaev took place in his novel The Winter Road. This is the third award of the writer: he received the “Big Book” for the novel “Cranes and Dwarfs” in 2009 and the novel “Winter Road” in 2016.

The second prize was awarded to Maya Kucherskaya for the book “Leskov: The Named Genius”, her reward is 1.5 million rubles. And the third – to Victor Remizov for the work “Permafrost”, which tells about the construction of the Transpolar Railway. His remuneration is 1 million rubles. Receiving the award, Remizov thanked the Krasnoyarsk society “Memorial”, “without which the book would not exist.”

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The winner of the popular vote was Narine Abrahayan with her work “Simon”. Second place went to Alexei Polyarinov (“Reef”), third – Marina Stepnova (“Garden”).

The award for book bloggers “_Litblog” went to Ivan Rodionov from Kamyshin, Volgograd region, for the blog “sSchetchik”. A special prize for his contribution to literature was awarded to the VI Dahl State Literary Museum.

Last year, the winner of the award was the writer Alexander Ilichevsky – for the novel “Newton’s Drawing”. Timur Kibirov received the second prize for the novel “The General and His Family”, and the third prize went to Shamil Idiatullin for the work “Former Lenin”.

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