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left without help, Bledans revealed the truth about a beautiful life

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The celebrity tries not to spend too much.

Actress Evelina Bledans, like many of her show business colleagues, has been a housekeeper for many years. However, while the actress was spending her vacation in the Maldives, her housekeeper ran away without saying goodbye to the star and without explaining anything to her.

Meanwhile, Evelyn, who was left without help, does not complain. She recently gave an interview in which she admitted that she has been doing everything around the house for the last month. Bledans has no plans to look for a new housekeeper. The celebrity fears that she will not be able to pay for her services.

The fact is that Evelina already has a lot to spend. For example, each month the artist must make two mandatory payments. She pays 63,000 rubles a month for a mortgaged apartment. In addition, the star needs to repay the loan for the car. “I am still pulling. And where to go “, – revealed the truth about the beautiful life of Bledans in a conversation with reportersKomsomol truth».

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