Lee No (Stray Kids) perfected the choreography of “MANIAC” in the most interesting way …

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The latest fans Lee Know from Stray Kids interested many, but not only because of his dancing and incredible appearance.

Lee Know – Extremely talented dancer. He continues to prove it with every comeback Stray Kidsgetting better and better.

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As part of the promotion of its latest release “MANIAC”, Stray Kids drew attention to everything from their star vocals to their debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

Their innovative choreography includes thoughtful movements that fit the concept. One of them stands out thanks to the partnership.

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Lee Know and Hyunjin work in pairs to perform this piece of choreography. Hyunjin stands on his knees as well Lee Know embraces the back of his classmate with his hands.

This part has already aroused interest due to reviews Lee Know with Hyungin at this point of close contact.


However Lee Know decided to add another highlight to the original choreography during their recent performance at Music Bank. Instead of putting your hands on the middle of your back Hyunhe arranged them elsewhere…

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Fans remember that Lee Know previously mentioned that he would be looking for the perfect moment to catch up with classmates while dancing. Looks like he found it.


Even Hyunjin was amazed at how enthusiastically Lee Know did it.

“I would have understood if he had just slapped me on the ass, but he just grabbed her…»

Lee Know, it seems, is not going to stop, finding the perfect opportunity to grab a teammate by the ass. He did it again during the performance Stray Kids of Inkigayo.

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Even with all these machinations, Lee Know proves to be an incredibly talented dancer. Hyunjin also deserves respect for the fact that he managed to react to the change in the position of the hands. These guys are real professionals!

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