Lee Mi-ju talks about how she joined the band Antenna

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Lee Mi Joo told about how she joined the team Antenna.

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In the episode of the YouTube channel “Studio Hook” from April 20 Lee Mi Joo told: “Rumors have reached me that people are from Antenna not sociable, and I was very worried when I met them. When the music video was first shot, no one spoke to me first, so I greeted and greeted them myself. When we were filming the band, I could feel more comfortable. “

When asked what she felt when Yu Jae Sok invited her to join the label, Lee Mi Joo answered: “I want to continue playing music. I want to do a lot, so I was interested in: “Will I only participate in pop shows?”. Because Yu Jae Sok oppa asked me, I told him that I also want to do music, and when they said that I could definitely do music, I immediately decided. “

She continued: “I was worried that the fans told me that all the people were in Antenna highly educated. They told me, “We are Jo, will you manage if you come there and understand that you can’t find a common language with them? ” After joining, I realized that I had a lot in common with them. “

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