Lee Kwan Su made an irreparable mistake on the show “Amazing Saturday”, not recognizing the song of his girlfriend

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During his favorite guessing game in the last episode of “Amazing Saturday”, the actor Lee Kwan Su really “fucked up in a big way”!

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When the song started, Lee Kwan Su stood puzzled. Even when the presenter, Boomsubtly hinted that the song is about “forgetting about life over booze” but Lee Kwan Su still could not answer.

Boom: Here’s a hint. The stars of this show have already been to “Amazing Saturday”. You know this show, Shin Don Yop. You liked it when they came.

Ki: Yes, you said you really liked it.

Soon his competitor Shin Don Yop guessed it was “Dreamer”, a soundtrack performed by none other than the actress Lee Son Bean – a girl Lee Kwan Su.

«I know! This is from “Work Later, Drink now»!» – Shin Don Yop.

The actress not only recorded the soundtrack, but also starred in the Korean drama “Work Later, Drink Now.”

With that in mind, Shin Don Yop joked over Lee Kwan Su and commented: “[он] really should have known».

Realizing that he did not recognize his girlfriend’s voice, Lee Kwan Su froze for a moment with an expression of horror on his face!

Lee Kwan Su: Oh, hell! That’s how I know this song…

Shin Don Yop: You really should have known.

Lee Kwan Su: I swear I knew. Of course I know this song!

Colleagues on “Amazing Saturday” continued to tease him, worrying about “whether everything will be fine.”

Pak Na Re: Wait, Boom. Will everything be fine?

Naxel: Will he be all right?

Hanhe: I’m a little worried.

Boom: You know who sings this song, right?

Lee Kwan Su: Ugh.

Theon: How could you do that to her ?!

Solhyun: Wow!

Lee Kwan Su: No, I know this song!

Solhyun: I’m disappointed!


Amazing Saturday viewers also laughed at the reaction Lee Kwan Su. And, wishing him good luck, rejoiced at how charming and strong his relationship with Lee Son Bean!!

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