Lawyers for the Tyumen conscript who killed his colleagues wrote a book about him

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About a conscript from the Vagay district Ramil Shamsutdinov wrote a book. His lawyers became the authors Ravil Tugushev and Ruslan Nagiyev. The draft is ready, the story will be published at the end of the year. The working title is “The Last Guard” or “The Last Guard of Shamsutdinov”.

“In general, the book is about the work of lawyers. An inside look at this case. There are references to what Ramil himself said when we met with him in the pre-trial detention center, – Tugushev explained to URA.RU. – There are two parts in the book. The first was pre-trial, when we talked to him and prepared for court. The second is devoted directly to the trial. “

There are 220 pages in the book. Ramil Shamsutdinov agreed to the publication.

We will remind, on October 25, 2019 the soldier-conscript Shamsutdinov didn’t hand over the weapon after guard and opened fire from it by colleagues. Ten people died. In court, the soldier said that he was mocked in the army. Shamsutdinova sentenced to 24 years 6 months of a strict mode.

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