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Latest news house 2 for today March 6, 2022

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Latest news and rumors house 2 for today 06 March 2022:

  1. Adriana Utina left the project during the voting, as she never managed to get married on the TV set. For whom are new guys kept, if there are fewer and fewer people in the women’s bedroom?
  2. Victoria Fomskaya told about another brawl between Eduard Berekchiev and Daniel Chistov. Will Edik be punished in the frontal area?
  3. Yana Zakharova and Nadezhda Ermakova were tested on a lie detector. I wonder who is lying more than the provocateurs of House 2?
  4. Nadezhda Ermakova celebrated her birthday, with which Daniel Chistov originally congratulated her, noting Nadia’s skill in “juggling her cockroaches in her head.” There will be no parties for housewives?
  5. Alexei Bezus was in the hospital, where he underwent surgery on a broken arm. Lyosha urges everyone not to follow his example and not to succumb to emotions. In his troubles and failures, Bezus blames only himself, not his desire to “shine” on the air of the project.
  6. Maria Kruglykhina celebrates her 37th birthday with her mother and children. She recently moved into a new spacious apartment, self-renovated.
  7. Divorce in the family of Anna Levchenko and Valery Blumenkrantz is canceled. They reconciled for the 50th anniversary of Ani’s mother. Mother-in-law against divorce of daughter and Valera?
  8. Gleb Zhemchugov and Anastasia Roinashvili, in addition to preparing for the wedding, became hosts in the opening bar.
  9. There are rumors on the Internet that another former participant is returning to the project, who intends to win the heart of Christina Buchynbalte. Once Zakhar Salenko was mentioned on the air, will he return?
  10. Latest news house 2 from for today 06.03.2022 – Ksenia Borodina has decided to interrupt her vacation in Dubai and return home with her daughters. The host of House 2 decided to keep her promoted account on Instagram, which she told her subscribers about.

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