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Latest news house 2 for today March 2, 2022

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Latest news and rumors house 2 for today March 02, 2022:

  1. Yulia Efremenkova stated on social networks that she is ready to reconcile with Mondezir, she has let go of old grievances and is waiting for her fiancé to be ready for a serious conversation. Efremenkova is trying to convince subscribers that they have there is no agreement with Mondezir leave for a while to survive financial difficulties.
  2. Alexei Adeev began caring for Ivan Barzikov’s wife Margo Kuksenko. According to rumors, Barzikov moved to the men’s bedroom and lives alone, parting with his girlfriend Polina Geltzerbut he is not going to build a relationship with Kuksenko anymore.
  3. Subscribers of the former participant of House 2 Anastasia Roinashvili began to suspect that the girl was pregnant by Gleb Zhemchugov. Nastya claims that she is not expecting a child, but is ready to become a mother. In addition, in a few days the wedding of Zhemchugov and Roinashvili will take place and the couple will start planning children.
  4. Nadezhda Ermakova is happy that she has reconciled with Daniel Chistov, but now she has a new problem – preparing for the wedding, because Nadia has dreamed of getting married all her life and her dream will soon come true. Dresses, rings, invitations. Isn’t it in vain that Ermakova runs after advertisers, does the stubborn Daniel marry her?
  5. There is romance in the relationship between Artyom Grant and Yulia Belaya, however, according to Yana Zakharova, Artyom raises his hand to Yulia, but Belaya has no claims to her partner. Will Grant replace White Eugene Romashov?
  6. Anastasia Bigrina fell ill and stopped leaving the room, rumors surfaced on the Internet that Bigrina and Evgenia Romashova were being prepared to leave the project.
  7. The parade of brides started again in Polyana. Nadezhda Ermakova cannot do it alone to work out advertising of salon of wedding dressesthat you have to connect the whole team or so many girls who want to marry Berzikov?
  8. Latest news house 2 from for today 02.03.2022 – Yana Zakharova is proud that she was left alone and kept a stable position in the team, she is afraid of newcomers to House 2, which flatters Zakharova. As well as renewed communication and flirtation with the presenter David Manukyan. Will Zakharova start talking about unrequited love for the presenter again?

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