Laser TVs were brought to Russia. Prices are scary

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The appearance of TVs is characterized by design elements in the style of modern architectural structures. The top panel has an elegant shape with soft curved lines. Photo: Hisense

Innovative Hisense L9G series laser TVs with a diagonal of 100 inches and 120 inches have gone on sale in Russia, according to the press service of Hisense. You can buy new models from Hisense distributor A&T Trade, which distributes laser TVs through a network of official dealers.

Ultra-realism in Hisense Laser TV L9G TVs is achieved through the RGB laser radiation source, which creates three images of different colors at the same time. The effect is enhanced by the capabilities of the improved TriChroma and the updated screen with light absorption function.

Brightness at 2800 lumens visually enhances the special ALR screen. It uses anti-glare technology, blocking more than 85% of external illumination, which allows you to maintain image quality in any lighting. The 4K Ultra HD format supports more than 8 million pixels to form a fundamentally new image clear and bright, while preserving all the original colors.

In addition, as part of the BT.2020 standard, which defines the color gamut of future TVs, Hisense has expanded the color gamut to 107%, so Hisense Laser TV L9G is able to broadcast spectacular visual effects.

Ultra-short-circuit laser TVs project a 4K image onto a 100-inch or 120-inch screen, and the projector can be installed almost anywhere the minimum distance between the projector and the screen can be only 30.3 cm.

In addition to the above, the feature set of the Hisense Laser TV L9G series includes Smooth technology Motion, which guarantees smooth reproduction of dynamic scenes, Dolby Atmos technology and front speakers with a power of 40 watts, immersing you in the center of what is happening on the screen. To reduce eye strain, the new products also offer blue light reduction technology and another feature – if a person approaches the TV console, the brightness of the laser light beams automatically decreases.

The simple interface of the smart TV allows you to easily switch between streaming services and devices, while the VIDAA U4 platform provides users with access to global and local content.

Separately, the manufacturer notes the long service life of the new models Hisense LASER TV 120L9G and Hisense LASER TV 100L9G: X-FusionTM technology uses accurate light sources to ensure continuous operation of devices for more than 25 thousand hours.

The price of the Hisense L9G model with a diagonal of 100 inches is 591,500 rubles, 120 inches 676,000 rubles.

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