Larisa Dolina hosted an evening of jazz on “Autoradio”

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The artist is happy to return live concerts to the air and believes that music helps to put her head and heart in order.

Larisa Dolina hosted an evening of jazz on
Larisa Dolina hosted a jazz evening on the radio. Photo from the personal archive of the singer

Branded live concerts are back on “Car Radio”. The other day Larisa Dolina, accompanied by Dolina Band, visited the show “Murzilki Live” and arranged an incredible jazz evening live on the radio. The performance of the pop jazz singer could not only be listened to, but also watched on a video broadcast on the radio station’s website and on social media accounts.

“I am very happy that the concert I have been dreaming of for so long – live, with musicians, has finally taken place, and on my favorite radio station,” said the People’s Artist.

Larissa Valley. Photo from the personal archive of the singer

Together with her musicians Larisa Dolina performed live and new hits: “Half”, “Deltaplan”, “Ringed Bird”, “Speak”, “Speak”, “Oncoming”, “I can’t dance”, “Love and loneliness”, “Bell”. The singer and head of the department of pop and jazz art at the Moscow State Institute of Culture introduced the participants of the Dolina Band individually.

“We have a third-year student in the band – Masha Solovieva, backing vocals. Guitar – Gena Kondrashov, he has not been a student for a long time. Vitya Anisimov is a drummer with whom we have been working together for many years. Hakob Khacharyan is our accompanist at the department and part-time music director of Dolina Band. Alexey Lebedev – bass. And Volodya Ostrikov is a saxophonist and a very cool arranger, ”Dolina said.

The artist gave a special place in her program to Victor Reznikov’s songs to remind everyone of his anniversary. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the birth of a talented composer who died early. I remembered Larisa Dolina and Andrei Sapunov, performing the song “Zvon” to his music on the radio.

“I want to remember Andryusha Sapunova, he was a wonderful musician,” said Larisa Dolina, “and to make people think a little, calm down, put their head and heart in order and listen to a wonderful song.”

Live concerts can now be listened to and watched every Friday as part of the show “Murzilki Live”. Video performances are presented at Rutube channel “Autoradio”.

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