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Laima Vaikule, who has changed beyond recognition, has made a new face

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The singer became completely unrecognizable Photo: Instagram

Laima Vaikule seems to have long since discovered the secret of eternal youth. How else to explain the fact that the 67-year-old singer looks at a maximum of 40. However, experts are in no hurry to believe in miracles.

Not so long ago, there were fans of Laima Vaikule amazed by the appearance of the artist. According to the public, the singer has become completely unrecognizable. The woman has a perfectly smooth face, and you can’t take your eyes off the figure. The singer of the hits “Vernissage” and “Violinist on the Roof” was recognized only by her voice.

Lyme, who will turn 68 at the end of March, claims that she has never been under the knife of a plastic surgeon. However, Oleg Baniz does not think so.

The specialist has no doubt that American plastic surgeons worked well on the face of the pop star. As the doctor said on the air of the show “You will not believe!” on the NTV channel, Vaikule addresses them not for the first time.

“I know that Lyme underwent surgery the penultimate time in America. I think, probably, this time too,” – revealed the secrets of the star expert.

According to him, in America such an operation costs a lot of money: “It corresponds to a good apartment in the center of Moscow.”

Lyme did a full facelift. “Liposuction of the chin area, circular lifting, cheekbone lifting, blepharoplasty were performed. I think that both the upper and lower, temporal lifting. Her eyes have changed, foxes have become a little bit, “Banizh added.

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