Lady Gaga insulted the Russians at a concert in Las Vegas

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Critic Sosedov spoke about the singer’s action.

Singer Lady Gaga, who is known not only for her songs, but outrageous behavior, at a concert in Las Vegas allowed herself an insulting remark against the Russians.

In particular, the actress touched upon the current political situation and the situation in the world in general, after which she called the Russians stupid.

Moreover, she justified the insult by saying that during her stay in Russia, the Russians missed the chance to arrest her.

Gaga explained that she was stopped when she was surrounded by armed men (apparently security guards), moreover, she demanded that she be handcuffed, but they did not do so.

It is noteworthy that the reason for the stop in 2009 was the fact that the police in Red Square banally took her for a prostitute because of her excessively vulgar appearance, and did not recognize her as a famous singer.

“They should have arrested me in Russia when they had the chance. I asked them to handcuff me because I was with armed men. They were as stupid as they were, ”the singer said.

Gaga’s incident and statement did not go unnoticed. Thus, critic Sergei Sosedov called her act revenge on Russian police, which once again shows the short-sightedness of Western artists.

“Lady Gaga is just stupid, and all of them (Western artists) are also completely stupid! Where are the brains? They could never be there a priori in principle, and if there were brains, she would never have become an artist: either one or the other, “said Sosedov.

Neighbors explained that he has not met smart artists and singers during his time in the show business, and Gaga is a clear proof of low level of intelligence.

He also suggested that today’s attack on the Russians was only a belated revenge.

“She’s just mad at us because our cops took her for a whore,” Sosedov said.

She added that today in the field of show business there is a tendency to fight for the title of “Dumb, even dumb.”

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