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Kushanashvili reported on Malysheva’s indecent proposal

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The journalist was ready to appear in the form of a reproductive organ for money.

Otar Kushanashvili spoke about the temporary closure of the infamous TV project “Live well!”, The constant host of which for many years was Elena Malysheva. The journalist told viewers that he could one day appear on a health show.

It turned out that many years ago Malysheva invited Kushanashvili to film in her program. The TV presenter offered him to dress up in a suit of a male reproductive organ. He said that maybe he would go to such a “performance”, but only for a reward. However, Malysheva refused to pay for it.

“There is such a fact in my biography. The issue was called “Dance of the scrotum.” I swear to you in memory of my mother! I had to portray a scrotum or a testicle affected by some incurable patient. I asked for 50,000, but they didn’t give it! ” He said in his YouTube channel.

Photo source: Footage from the show “Live well”

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