Kushanashvili explained why Loboda was cursed in both Russia and Ukraine

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As the TV presenter noted, he always knew that the star singer would finish playing.

Svetlana Loboda. Photo: Global Look Press

TV presenter Otar Kushanashvili in the show “What ?!” stated on YouTube that he had long warned Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda: she will finish. That’s what happened in the end.

Otar Kushanashvili
Otar Kushanashvili. Photo: Global Look Press

According to him, in today’s world “it is impossible to serve 25 royal courts.” He understood that the star singer would be sent to three letters both in Russia and on Ukraine.

“I feel very sorry for her, because she was denied two houses – houses called Russia and Ukraine. People don’t like it when a person remembers too late what kind of passport he has at home. “

Otar Kushanashvili

Recall that Svetlana Orach not so long ago showed her Ukrainian passport on social networks. At the same time, she has been living on a permanent basis lately Malta.

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