Kurban Omarov rebelled against Turkish TV series

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Ksenia Borodina’s ex-husband hinted that Turkish stories were indirect “culprits” of his divorce.

Kurban Omarov recalled that his ex-wife is very fond of Turkish TV series. According to the ex-husband of the TV presenter, such projects are harmful – because after seeing beautiful stories with charismatic characters, people change their perceptions of real life.

“Do you like Turkish TV series? Oh, how many families they destroyed! Every second Russian woman who watched at least one such series immediately set an example to her bespont husband of a beautiful Turk, “the businessman complained on his page in Instagram.

Kurban Omarov’s position was commented on by a psychologist Tatiana Potemkina. She confirmed that TV series (not necessarily Turkish) can change a person’s perceptions.

“It’s like looking at a conditional Venetian painting and thinking it’s the ideal. We are social beings, and the fact that we are “sung in the ears” very often if we do not have critical thinking, we are subject to other people’s influence. The more independent a person is in thinking, the less he is exposed to it and the more he is pushed away from reality, ”the expert summed up in an interview with PopCornNews.

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