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Kurban Omarov agreed on a date between Ksenia Borodina and his best friend

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The other day Borodin was seen in the theater with her new boyfriend Trofim Simishchenko, who, by the way, was a close friend of Kurban Omarov in the past. Kurban did not ignore this fact and hurried to laugh at Simishchenko.

“Trofim, were you dragged to the theater? Even I resisted to the last. I fell asleep twice during the action and snored so that I would not be dragged there anymore, ”the 41-year-old businessman said.

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As for Simishchenko and Borodina, they are in no hurry to advertise their relationship, although Omarov recently stated that Ksenia allegedly cheated on him while married.

We will remind, Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov divorced in August of last year. The ex-spouses failed to maintain friendly relations even for the sake of their common daughter Theona. Every now and then the businessman tries to stab the TV presenter, but his scathing comments to Ksenia are increasingly unanswered.

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“Have you noticed that you don’t really need all the top bloggers you’ve been following like crazy? Now, when there are almost no such social networks, you live your life in peace and do not think about what bloggers ate today, where they rested and how they went to the toilet. Life went on, and you suddenly realized how much free time you had. And what rubbish your head was stuffed with. Top bloggers received money from advertising, bought houses, cars, vacations for them and showed you how cool they are, forgetting to remind, at whose expense, ”Omarov shared his thoughts.

Many users of the Web have decided that this is Xenia, because she is the star of the social network and receives a decent income from advertising.

Borodin is in no hurry to comment on his relationship with Trofim

Borodin is in no hurry to comment on his relationship with Trofim

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