Kudryavtseva’s ridiculous image turned her into a laughing stock

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The style of the TV presenter cannot be called a role model.

It is time for Lera Kudryavtseva to think about changing the stylist. Recently, the TV presenter has been surprising subscribers with inappropriate outfits.

One of Kudryavtseva’s recent images has been a real failure. The TV presenter appeared in a satin suit of cornflower color, the pipes of which were clearly out of size for her.

Screenshot “Lera Kudryavtseva” / Social networks

In a conversation with PopCornNews stylist Nadia Ivanova criticized the image of the TV show:

“There are details of the image that can confuse me as a stylist. But I am generally confused by the style of Lera Kudryavtseva. She is often called a mature Malvina, and there is some truth in that. Very classic 19th century costume with satin details. There is already enough outrage in the costume itself. Plus I have a complete feeling that Lera’s suit is too small. Pants in the abdomen look ugly. And the vest is about to unbutton under the pressure of Lera’s forms. ”

The specialist told how the situation could be saved:

“Lerina’s situation lacks rigid and minimalist details. Of course, extra lace, extra too active makeup, and even these strange red boat shoes. I would put this suit on the naked body, shoes – in the tone of the suit, would make the effect of wet hair and remove them back, would draw stiff arrows. It is not Malvina’s romance that is needed here, but modern audacity. ”

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