Kudryavtseva, who lost control, admitted to being addicted

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The presenter is unable to resist the temptation.

Looking at Lera Kudryavtseva, it is difficult to assume that the presenter suffers from any bad habits. But so it is. In her Instagram, Lera admitted that she was once again a victim of a pernicious addiction.

Kudryavtseva said that she spent several hours in the application of one of the marketplaces and could not refuse to buy a vase. The thing was delivered with a bat, but that didn’t stop the presenter. She ordered a bathroom set.

The courier did not deliver what was promised.

“I thought to keep quiet, but Mr., but, as they say, does not hold. Does everyone already know my love of shopping online at night? If not, please read the previously published. In short, again on the same rake “, – the celebrity complained.

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