Kudryavtseva highlighted her husband, who was disgraced in public: “Without a stick, he is nobody”

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Fans did not expect such a failure from the famous hockey player.

Lera Kudryavtseva surprised fans and showed the unsuccessful skating of her husband Igor Makarov on the ice. The celebrity shared the relevant video on social networks.

As it turned out, the TV presenter spent the past weekend in the company of her husband visiting Yevgeny Plushenko at his figure skating school. At the same time, the stars skated on ice and boasted of their ability to skate. As you can see in the footage, Makarov failed to repeat the hire of her husband Yana Rudkovskaya, so in the end he fell on the ice to the laughter of his friends.

Web users did not ignore this video. In the comments, many noted that Makarov as a hockey player and should not cope with the elements of figure skating. At the same time, some followers could not hide the taunts associated with his failure on the ice.

“He is nobody without a stick,” “Well, like a bear in a den,” – said the subscribers.

Fans also appreciated the skills of Kudryavtseva herself, which she boasted about in other videos. Fans were delighted with the TV presenter’s ride and invited her to take part in the next season of “Ice Age”.

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