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It is worth saying at once that this is not the first time that journalists have divorced Ksenia Sobchak and Konstantin Bogomolov. This time the reason was the departure of the journalist to Israel and the obvious loneliness of the director, which he demonstrated on social media.

Some media shared speculations that Ksenia Sobchak could return to her ex-husband – Maxim Vitorgan, who is rumored to be in Israel.

In addition, Bogomolov’s fans noticed a small heart placed under the director’s post on social networks. The author of the comment is the director’s ex-wife, actress Daria Moroz.

A few days ago, Konstantin Bogomolov put an end to these rumors. The Malaya Bronnaya Theater, which he runs, has reopened after a long restoration. Bogomolov invited the audience to appreciate the renovated interiors of the historic building. Ksenia Sobchak also came to congratulate her husband on his new home.

“These three years were very, very busy. And all three years she was there. Ksenia. She sent me a photo once – a reference to how the interior should look in the atmosphere, how its colors should be resolved, its spirit. Then it turned out – in layers of plaster and was close to the final color. And so we moved on. She helped endlessly with advice and patience, controversy and ideas. That’s really gray cardinal) However, not gray – brilliant. Thank you, wife. Sick, worried, supportive and strict, “Bogomolov wrote under a joint photo.

The scandalous Russian journalist Alena Zhigalova pointed out that Andrei Gubin poses a serious danger to himself and others. She is convinced that his stories about a serious illness are lies.

Zhigalova said that the star of the 90s has long suffered from severe alcohol dependence, which led to an incurable disease.

“Prosopalgia is a pain in the face, often a symptom of mental illness due to alcoholism. Andrei has delusions of persecution, paranoia. Gubin is dangerous for himself and others because he is aggressive, he must be isolated,” Zhigalov was quoted as saying by narcologist Vasily Shurov. its Telegram channel.

Andrei Gubin did not comment on this statement.

It will be recalled that Andrei Gubin, a 47-year-old once popular Russian singer, is suffering from serious health problems. He now lives in a four-room apartment in Moscow, from which his neighbors survive.

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