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Ksenia Novikova – The Secret of a Million (09.04.2022): what secrets the soloist of the group Brilliant revealed

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Soloist of the legendary group “Brilliant” Ksenia Novikova became the main character of the show “Secret to a Million” on NTV on April 9, 2022. The 41-year-old singer told host Lera Kudryavtseva about her two failed marriages. The first husband once kidnapped her children, the second is trying to sue the house.

“Brilliant”: jealousy of Olga Orlova

We started with “Brilliant”. Ksenia Novikova joined the women’s team in 1999. Then in the composition were also Olga Orlova, Jeanne Friske and Irina Lukyanova. Novikova recalls that Orlova, who was called the Eagle, was jealous of the newcomer. Olga was then the only soloist, and the other participants were more for beauty. Novikova’s producers also singled out vocal parts. In response, the annoyed Orlova asked the sound engineer to drown out Ksenia’s voice at concerts. In one of the interviews, she even left the frame when the host asked about Xenia.

Brilliant album cover (1999)

Ksenia Novikova twice left the group “Brilliant”, but each time she returned. She still sings in a band whose composition changes regularly. She is currently working with her in a group Marina Berezhnaya, Sylvia Zolotova and Kristina Illarionova. By the way, Novikova wrote several lyrics for the group. Including her pen belong to the song “And I flew”, one of the most popular with “Brilliant”.

Brilliant Group (2022). Photo: Ivan Makeev

Husband Andrei Sereda: child abduction

Singer and businessman Andrey Wednesday divorced in 2011 after five years of marriage. “When he didn’t drink, he was wonderful, when he drank, he was awful,” Novikova recalls. At the end of 2011, Sereda took their common sons, 3-year-old Miron and one-year-old Bogdan, to London. Without mother’s permission. The actress was able to return the boys to Russia only in August 2012. For the next nine years, Sereda did not get in touch with his ex-wife and sons. Announced in the summer of 2021. “He wrote that he had accumulated a large arrears of alimony, and he wants to repay it. I almost fell, “says the soloist of” Brilliant “.

Ksenia Novikova and Andrey Sereda. Photo: social networks of the singer

The ex-husband repaid the debt in the amount of about 1 million rubles. After that, they had a meeting in a restaurant, which the boys also attended. According to Xenia, everything went well. Andrew came with flowers, and then sent his sons home gaming computers. And after a while a program about Ksenia Novikova appeared on TV, where the story of the abduction of her sons was discussed. Wednesday was offended by this broadcast and wrote to Xenia that she “has not changed.” He did not want to see the boys again, although Novikova asked him to. Myron and Bogdan replied that “Dad left them a second time.”

Husband Alexei Sorokin: the struggle for home

Ksenia Novikova and Alexei Sorokin. Photo: Boris Kudryavov

From 2015 to 2018, Ksenia Novikova was married to a businessman Alexei Sorokin. Because of this marriage star “Brilliant” now sheds bitter tears. According to the singer, the man was not who he pretended to be. He enjoyed her fame, deceived. For example, he allegedly took 1 million rubles for furniture, and eventually bought it for 650 thousand rubles. Presented a ring with a fake diamond. And now he is trying to sue Novikova for half of the country house where she lives with her children. Ksenia says that she bought this house together with her parents and built it herself. And this is her only home. “He was sentenced to half! It’s just beyond good and evil, “says the heroine of the show with tears in her eyes “Secret of a Million”. When a lawyer appeared in the studio, who tried to calm down the actress, she literally burst into tears. However, Ksenia stressed that she will continue to fight for the house with the help of lawyers.

Ksenia Novikova. Photo: Larisa Kudryavtseva

On Saturday, April 16, 2022, the main character of the program “Secret to a Million” will be an ex-member of the group Mirage Roman Zhukov. The broadcast starts at 9.30 pm Moscow time.

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