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Ksenia Borodina said goodbye to her audience before blocking Instagram

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The celebrity talked about the pros and cons of the social network.

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TV presenter Ksenia Borodina posted a farewell address to fans on her personal microblog. The celebrity admitted that she will miss Instagram.

And although Xenia is offended that she has been deprived of 11 years of life on the social network, she believes in reuniting with Instagram in the future.

“I will miss you. I hope that everything will be fine and we will come back here and break the dance floor. 11 years is a huge piece of my life. From life there were huge pros and cons. Among the advantages are communication with you, new acquaintances, huge opportunities, monetization, implementation of various projects, growing popularity, the ability to be closer to people for whom you are like a sister, friend, neighbor, loved one. A huge number of pleasant words, compliments, joy, congratulations, inspiration, “Borodina said.

By the way, Borodina found flaws in Instagram.

Of the minuses, of course, it’s hatred, it’s envy, it’s “new friends” for the sake of hype and PR, it’s taking out personal life and making it public, using me by other people for personal realization. But let’s leave all this in the past, you are my family, with whom we shared the same site. I do not think it is fair to deprive us of such a platform, where many had a thousand and one opportunities for communication, for work, business, for beautiful living pictures and videos, stories about life, “added Ksenia.

We will remind, earlier Ksenia Borodina told, in what relations remained with mother of the ex-husband Kurban Omarov.

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